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2019 93 PTS – James Suckling
2019 Gold – Berliner Wine Trophy
2018 94 PTS – Descorchados
2018 93 PTS – James Suckling
2018 90 PTS – Wine Enthusiast
2018 Silver Decanter
2017 92 PTS – James Suckling
2017 Silver Decanter

The 2020 harvest season was extremely dry. The decrease in snow in the winter months caused a shortage of water, the flow of the rivers was 60% lower than the historical average and rainfall was 40% lower than the historical average; this situation reduced the yield of our vineyard producing lower yields and grapes with higher concentration. We had a warm summer, cooling towards the end, in February, which made us achieve perfect sanitation to obtain quality grapes to make great wines.


The climate was dry (rainfall 20-60% lower than usual), producing small berries and slightly lower yields; temperatures were colder overall. The 2019 harvest took place approximately 1 to 3 weeks earlier than usual, with grapes in perfect condition, without botrytis or peronospora problems.


Cool nights and great thermal amplitude between day and night: The summer of 2017 began warm, followed by the cooling effect of the Pacific on the Andes during the months of February, March and April, resulting in a slightly early harvest (two weeks ahead) in 2018. This, in addition to the lower rainfall (around 30% less rain), resulted in an optimal balance in the fruit, with a wonderful natural acidity, great aromatic expression in each region and soft tannins.


Exceptional quality for this vintage. Low yields, early harvest and perfect balance. After pruning we had moderate frosts that affected our performance in the vineyard. Overall we had a dry, sunny year with no significant rainfall during the crucial harvest months.